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Auto Sync feature

Sync your clipboard instantly

It is one of those revolutionary one-click solutions to bring easiness and comfort to your lives. Main stream of this productivity tool is that it integrates to your “ctrl+c” and “ctrl+v” buttons and helps you transfer your files in a matter of a second between clipboards or your different devices that work in multiple platforms.

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One-click copy

Copy to cloud with single click

All data that user copies from their devices automatically storing in cloud with marking of device name.

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Multi-platform support

Multiple Devices over single account

Do not matter what you using; iPhone, iPad, Android based device or even Windows Desktop. Just login with same account to all devices and connect all your clipboards into one space.

People Behind BethClip

Below you can meet all of our team members who are behind BethClip. We have experienced CEO & CTO. Also, all team members have good background on their fiend and platform. Our Team Developers are experienced on iOS, MacOS, Linux, Android and Windows.

Rashid Aliyev
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Rashid Aliyev

Founder & CEO

Rashid is more than 10 year experienced IT professional with various fields on many projects. He worked for such big companies like “Simbrella”, “Race & Tote” and etc.

Samir Yahyazada
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Samir Yahyazada

Co-Founder & CTO

Samir has more than 15 year experience of Software Engineering with knowledge of various programming languages and platforms.

Onar Alili
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Onar Alili


Software Developer
Onar has more than 5 years experience on various software development technologies.
Currently, he is working on Microsoft development environment.

Ayaz Huseynov
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Ayaz Huseynov

iOS/OSX Developer

Elmin is more than 10 year plus experienced Software Developer on various platforms. He worked for BP, and now working for “Idrak Technology Transfer” top-10 IT companies in Azerbaijan.

  • Clear idea behind the app! I know the problem of missing texts, because I simultaneously work at different computers and mobile devices. I have even tried to create own workarounds to do synchronize text between computers using public cloud services… When I had heard about BethClip, I didn't believe that solution could be so easy! You work as usual, periodically copy text into the clipboard, then when you switch to another device - all you clipboard history is automatically come with you! Cool, isn't it? BTW, the team is also great. I was working with them during session in Happy Farm Business Incubator

  • In my opinion the most important feature in this project is supporting various platforms, as in most cases users owe different devices and platforms. As a service for multi-platform devices and objects BethClip is indispensable. Using BethClip economy specialists time, as there no need to copy data to portable devices and carry them. Information loss is improbable. I suggest that this tool will be widely used by IT specialists, content managers and designers in first case. Also will be interested for effort minimalisation for generic users. Fast, comfortable and effective! Thanks to BethClip team!